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Date published: 02.23.2022
Author: Selina Villarreal

According to Merriam-Webster, a bartender is a person who serves drinks at a bar.

I think we can all agree a bartender is more that just someone who serves drinks. A bartender plays multiple roles, connoisseur of blended/mixed liquids, life counselor, music aficionado, best friend, shoulder to cry on, the list goes on and on.

In the hospitality industry, bartenders are our unsung heroes, they keep people satisfied and sane. In honor of World Bartender Day, February 24th, this post is dedicated to a couple of our local heroes, you can pay them a visit, quench your thirst, and enjoy a couple of spirits.

Meet Nichole Solis - She has been in the hospitality industry for almost 9 years. You can find her behind the bar at the Tack Room. When asked which drink is her favorite order, “nothing beats a good old fashioned.” Nichole invites you to stop by, “There’s a reason why we’ve been open since 1982! A unique experience awaits at the Tack Room, you’ll fall in love with the uniqueness it has to offer. And of course, a good steak cooked to perfection with your favorite wine. Ambiance, décor, history, do I need to say more?

Meet Cesar “Cheese” Martinez - Cheese has been in the hospitality industry for 18 years. You can find him behind the bar at Bar Nido & Golondrina Food Park. His favorite cocktail to make is the A.R.G. This cocktail is a combination of carefully calculated measurements of Mezcal, Aperol, St. Germain, and Bitterman’s Krupnik Bitters. Shake, strain and pour over ice with a grapefruit twist. Need some cheering up, have something to celebrate, stop by, unwind and take a load off with Cheese and the team.

Meet Eduardo Medina – If you've ever walked into On The Rocks Tavern, you know the man in the cowboy hat, that's Eddie. He started out bartending in Laredo since 2005 and crossed over to being a bar owner in 2011. On The Rocks Tavern is your dimly lit, yet lively hole in the wall bar. Open seven days a week, Eddie is your host and he's ready to keep you company, make you a good drink and if you ask him for his favorite cocktail, he'll conjour up an Amanecer de Sotol. This drink is made served on the rocks, garnished with a lemon wheel and contains Sotol, elder flower liquor, simple syrup and lemon juice. Bottoms up!
Meet Rick Acosta – If you’re around Laredo’s entertainment center, you’ll find Rick behind the bar at Rooftop Lounge. Rick has been in the hospitality industry for 22 years. He has perfected the Rooftop Old Fashioned. Rick’s twist on this classic cocktail is not pulverizing but gently muddling an orange slice and maraschino cherry, along with some Agave nectar, for sweetener. Add on your favorite rye bourbon or whiskey with ice, stir, strain and pour into a lowball glass with ice. For added essence the drink is then garnished with an orange peel that has had the zest rubbed on the rib. When asked why people should visit Rooftop Lounge, Rick says, “I genuinely care about the experience people want to have while going out. People work hard for their money, and when they want to go out and have a good time, they deserve to be acknowledged, greeted with a smile, and no matter what their place in life is, everyone should be treated like a VIP.”
There are many talented bartenders all around town. We truly appreciate their time, their passion, their craft and thank them for all they do. Know someone you'd like to include on this blog, email me at To Olivia over at La Posada and Jerry at the Laredo Chamber of Commerce, thank you for assisting with content! Cheers!
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