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CVB Staff

Come and knock on our door. The staff at the Laredo

Convention and Visitors Bureau is ready to

suit your needs.
Aileen Ramos

Aileen Ramos

Director– 956.795-2200
Reader, baker, quilter in training, hockey fan, sometimes runner, loves dogs! Promotes Laredo as a convention destination.
Joel Vazquez

Joel Vazquez

Assistant Director – 956.794.1713
Enjoys spending time with family. Cowboys fanatic! Loves exploring Texas, meeting people and promoting Laredo.
Selina Villarreal

Selina Villarreal

Marketing Manager – 956.794.1717
Media buyer for the U.S. & MX Markets. Social media aficionado. Loves Texas and The Beatles. Addicted to Red Bull and bad TV. Scared of clowns.
Veronica Gamboa

Veronica Gamboa

Services Coordinator– 956.794.1712
Soccer player, dancer, loves traveling and the outdoors. In charge of adding fun to all of our events…an event logistics expert!
Ana Reyna Arzate

Ana Reyna Arzate

Digital Marketing Coordinator – 956.794.1708
Likes reading, movies and listening to music. Loves tourism and never gets bored of Laredo. #HolaLaredo
Irma D. Soto

Irma D. Soto

Sales Assistant – 956.794.1710
This former MHS cheerleader’s a customer service professional who does receptionist duties; renders CVB promotional events assistance / facilitation; and, is a regular office & clerical ‘do-it-all’ who always manages a smile for everyone. “Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger!”
Monica Andrade

Monica Andrade

Administrative Secretary – 956.794.1714
Veteran of the team. Knows the ins and outs and the ups and downs of daily operations. A bit on the OCD side and is a Denny Hamlin fan.
Beatriz Delgado

Beatriz Delgado

Marketing Promotions Coordinator – 956.794.1718
Reader & baker, in love with the color purple and dedicated to family time. Give B a call for help when planning your trip to Laredo.

Casa Laredo

Phone Number: 81-8369-6555

(From US dial 011-52-81-8369-6555)

(International office located at Plaza Fiesta San Agustin in Monterrey, Mexico)
Selene Rodriguez Casa Laredo Manager

Selene Rodriguez

Can help you on both sides of the bridge. My life is Monterrey, Mexico to Laredo, Texas – back and forth. Foodie at heart.
Samuel Jimenez sales representative

Samuel Jimenez

Sales Representative
Electronic gadgets geek, bolero music lover, likes running and promoting the City of Laredo and all it has to offer in La Sultana del Norte.
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