Murals in Laredo
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Murals in Laredo

Date published: 07.13.2020
Author: Selina Villarreal

Art is defined as: “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

With that being said, I can firmly say Laredo has very talented artists in town. These talented minds had the opportunity to showcase their skills and beautify the city with colorful murals. When you find yourself in Laredo, take a stroll and look for these hidden gems:

Selena Nunca Te Olvidare – Selena will forever be the ‘Queen of Tejano Music.’ You can find this mural at the corner of San Eduardo and Moctezuma on the front wall of International Sales Shipping Supplies.
Vivid Nature/Naturaleza Viva – Sandra Gonzalez and Erika Buentello beautified the entry way to San Isidro Ranch with this piece. The artists called on the Laredo community to assist and the piece makes a great addition to North Central Park.
Selena – As I was driving around I noticed another Selena mural at the corner of San Bernardo and Gonzalez on the wall of La Casita Nueva Restaurant. The spirit of Selena will not be forgotten in Laredo.
El Sol Sale Para Todos - Living Laredo featured this mural on their YouTube channel: and interviewed muralist Gil Rocha. This mural is a collage of different images and the artist is opening interpretation of his design to the viewer. You can find this mural at the corner of N. Bartlett Ave. and E. Travis St.
Protect Our River – This installation was created by Cultivarte. The mural is meant to bring awareness to the importance of the Rio Grande and can be viewed as you drive along Lafayette and San Francisco Avenue.
These aren’t the only murals in town, there’s plenty more to find as you explore Laredo. Thank you to Regina with Cultivarte for helping me with some of these locations and thank you for taking the time to read our post.
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