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Laredo Water Museum

By Veronica Gamboa

The Laredo Water Museum is located at 2702 Anna Ave. in Laredo, Texas and operates Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm. This museum is the third of its kind in Texas and one of the few in the country.

The museum seeks to inform, educate and engage our citizens and visitors to respect and protect one of the most precious resources WATER.

Here you will learn about how water from the Rio Grande River flows through cleaning stages and is distributed to our homes, as well as the rich ecology of the river and the history of the communities that settled along the riverbanks.
The museum takes you on a journey that begins on the Rio Grande and through a giant pipe showing the stages that water undergoes in treatment and cleaning process for city wide distribution. From there, you will follow a network of overhead pipelines that simulate the water distribution system to arrive at the main exhibit. Here you can explore with interactive displays that illustrate how the water is channeled through a faucet, bathroom toilet and shower and other household appliances while learning tips on how to conserve water. At the end of your journey the exhibit traces the water from storms and sewer drains back to the Rio Grande and into the Gulf of Mexico.
Location: 2702 Anna Ave, Laredo TX 78040

Open: Monday - Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm
(hours may change in order to accomodate scheduled tours)

To schedule tours, or obtain more information please call: (956) 795-2620 or visit their website
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