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Enter Our Sister Cities Festival Giveaway!

By: Silke Jasso
Date published: 06.24.24

We are thrilled to announce an exciting giveaway that will transport you to the heart of cultural celebration and relaxation. One lucky winner will enjoy a luxurious two-night stay at the iconic La Posada Hotel and gain exclusive access to the vibrant Laredo International Sister Cities Festival!

What’s Up for Grabs?

Two-Night Stay at La Posada Hotel:
Nestled in the heart of Laredo, La Posada Hotel offers an unparalleled blend of historical charm and modern comfort. Your stay will be the perfect retreat, combining elegance and hospitality, just steps away from the festival's excitement.

Laredo International Sister Cities Festival:
Immerse yourself in a cultural extravaganza at this indoor three-day festival. With over 200 booths showcasing the best of Mexican and Latin American cuisine, crafts, clothing, jewelry, and more, there's something for everyone. The festival is a celebration of our diverse heritage and a chance to enjoy the rich tapestry of Latin American culture.

$50 Artisan Booth Certificate:
Enjoy a $50 certificate to spend at any Artisan booth at the festival. Whether you're looking for unique hand-crafted goods, stunning jewelry, or delicious local delicacies, this certificate is your ticket to a shopping spree!

$25 Taco Palenque Gift Card:
Savor the authentic flavors of Mexican cuisine with a $25 gift card to Taco Palenque, renowned for its mouthwatering tacos and vibrant atmosphere.

Free 10" Pepperoni Pizza from 550 Pizzeria:
Indulge in a delectable 10" pepperoni pizza from 550 Pizzeria, a local favorite known for its artisan pizzas and cozy ambiance.

$25 Antojitos Enchilados Gift Certificate:
Treat yourself to the spicy and savory delights at Antojitos Enchilados with a $25 gift certificate. From Aguas Frescas to other traditional snacks, this is a culinary experience you won't want to miss.

How to Enter

Follow Us on Social Media:
To qualify for this amazing giveaway, make sure you follow us on our social media platforms. Stay updated with the latest news and events!

Register via the Link in Our Bio:
Click on the link in our bio to complete your registration. It’s quick, easy, and your gateway to this fantastic opportunity!

Good Luck!
This is more than just a giveaway—it's your chance to experience the best of Laredo's hospitality and culture. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to create unforgettable memories. Follow our page and register today for your chance to win!

Remember, you must follow us on social media and register through the link in our bio to be eligible. Good luck, and we hope to see you at the Laredo International Sister Cities Festival!

Make sure to spread the word and share this post with friends and family who wouldn’t want to miss this incredible experience. Keep following our page for more exciting updates and giveaways.

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