Embracing the Summer Heat in Laredo
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Embracing the Summer Heat in Laredo

By: Silke Jasso
Date published: 06.17.24

The City of Laredo is getting ready to embrace the heat this summer, announcing it's new Laredo Sunny Adventures Summer Guide! The guide is a comprehensive resource detailing an array of exciting summer activities and programs for residents of all ages. This innovative guide is designed to inform the community about the numerous opportunities and adventures available during the summer months.

The Laredo Sunny Adventures Summer Guide is brimming with useful information for everyone. Families will find various options for their children, including summer camps, swimming lessons, and reading programs at local libraries. The guide also offers details on the city's pools and splash parks, as well as the diverse programs available at recreation centers.
Moreover, the guide includes a section from Laredo Public Health focused on maintaining health during the summer, featuring information on free health services within the community. Students seeking to fulfill community service hours can learn about volunteer opportunities in Laredo.

For those considering a staycation, the guide highlights local attractions and events, offering plenty of ideas for things to do in Laredo. For residents planning a vacation, there is information on airport services and new destination flights from Laredo International Airport.
The City of Laredo is also introducing a series of self-guided tours to showcase the best of the community, starting next week. These tours include:

  • Bookworm Bonanza Tour (May 25 - June 15): Encourages families to visit three out of the city's five public libraries, enjoy the activities, and submit photos for a chance to win a prize.
  • Make a Splash Tour (June 15 - June 30): Invites families to visit five pools or splash pad locations, capture fun moments, and share them with the Public Information Office (PIO) for a chance to win.
  • Unleash the Fun Tour (July 1 - July 14): For pet lovers, this tour encourages visits to three out of Laredo's ten dog parks, with photo submissions for a chance to win.
  • Park Passport Adventure (July 15 - July 31): Highlights Laredo's extensive park system, inviting participants to visit five different parks and submit pictures to the PIO’s portal for a chance to win.
  • Selfie with the Mayor (June 1 - July 31): Offers a fun way to learn more about city government by taking a selfie with the Mayor at a city event and submitting it for a chance to win.

The Laredo Sunny Adventures Summer Guide marks the beginning of a summer filled with excitement and adventure, encouraging locals to come together, learn, and grow as a community.

Check out the digital version HERE!
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