Celebrate National Pizza Day in Laredo
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Celebrate National Pizza Day in Laredo

By: Silke Jasso
Date published: 02.05.2024

Laredo, Texas, a city known for its rich cultural blend and vibrant community spirit, comes alive every February 9th to celebrate National Pizza Day. As pizza enthusiasts across the nation indulge in this beloved dish, Laredoans join the festivities with a unique flair, combining local flavors and global influences to create a pizza celebration like no other.

National Pizza Day in Laredo is marked by the participation of numerous local pizzerias, each putting their own spin on this universally cherished comfort food. From classic Margherita pizzas to innovative Tex-Mex fusion creations, Laredo's pizza joints go all out to provide a diverse range of options for pizza aficionados.

One can expect enticing specials and discounts, making it the perfect opportunity for both locals and visitors to explore the city's pizza scene. Whether you're a fan of thin crust, deep dish, or something in between, Laredo's pizzerias have something to satisfy every craving.

550 Pizzeria

National Pizza Day is not only a celebration of the dish itself but also a chance to support local businesses. Laredo's pizzerias, many of which are family-owned, greatly benefit from the increased foot traffic and enthusiastic customers during this annual event. It's a reminder of the importance of supporting local establishments that contribute to the city's unique identity.

Nestled in the heart of Laredo, 550 Pizzeria isn't just a place to grab a slice; it's a culinary haven crafted with passion and resilience by Chef & Owner Janet Zapata. Established in the spring of 2020 amidst the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, Janet's determination shone through as she embarked on a mission to redefine pizza in the Laredo community. With an impressive collection of awards and accolades, 550 Pizzeria has become a local gem, reflecting not only Janet's culinary prowess but also her unwavering commitment to giving back to the community.

Address: 2101 Shiloh Dr, Laredo, TX 78045
Phone: (956) 602-0082

Wizard Wicks Pizza

Nestled in the heart of Laredo, Texas, Wizard Wicks Pizza has become synonymous with excellence, consistently earning the title of "best pizza" in the local scene. This beloved establishment has deep roots that date back to October 1966 when it was originally founded. The intriguing name, Wizard Wicks, carries a unique history, stemming from the nickname of the original owner during his time as a commanding officer in the Navy.

What began as a modest pizza place has blossomed into a bustling hub of activity within Laredo. With local art adorning the walls, live music setting the ambiance, and inviting outdoor seating, Wizard Wicks Pizza offers more than just exceptional pies—it's an immersive experience that captivates both locals and visitors alike.

Wizard Wicks Pizza has managed to strike the perfect balance between honoring tradition and embracing the contemporary, drawing people from far and wide to experience the magic of their classic and delectable offerings. Eric Wickstrom's commitment to preserving his family's culinary legacy shines through in every slice, creating a culinary haven that has become a go-to destination in Laredo.

Address: 2701 N Meadow Ave, Laredo, TX 78040
Phone: (956) 754-5606

Jalapeño Pizza & Wings

Jalapeño Pizza & Wings stands out as a culinary gem that tantalizes taste buds with a fusion of spicy delights. This vibrant eatery has carved a niche for itself by offering a unique blend of pizza and wings, where the fiery kick of jalapeños takes center stage. With a menu that reflects the bold Tex-Mex flavors the region is known for, Jalapeño Pizza & Wings caters to both pizza enthusiasts and wing aficionados alike.

From classic pepperoni pizzas with a jalapeño twist to innovative wing flavors that pack a punch, this establishment embraces the local palate while satisfying the cravings of those seeking a spicy culinary adventure. With its inviting atmosphere, friendly service, and a commitment to serving up flavorful creations, Jalapeño Pizza & Wings has become a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike, offering a spicy symphony that captures the essence of Laredo's culinary diversity.

Address: 3502 Clark Blvd, Laredo, TX 78043 / 9802 McPherson Rd, Laredo, TX 78045
Phone: (956) 722-7777 / (956) 602-0600

Photo Credit: Jalapeño Pizza & Wings (Facebook)

Border Foundry

Border Foundry Restaurant stands as a culinary gem, seamlessly blending modern flair with the rich cultural tapestry of the region. This dining establishment has become a local landmark, known for its commitment to delivering an exceptional gastronomic experience. Border Foundry takes pride in its diverse menu, which features a fusion of Texan, Mexican, and international flavors. From savory steaks and gourmet burgers to flavorful pizza, every item on the menu is crafted with precision and a dedication to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. It has become a local favorite for its artisanal approach to crafting pizzas that blend tradition with innovation. Border Foundry boasts a menu that showcases a diverse array of toppings, hand-selected and thoughtfully combined to create pizzas that are both familiar and pleasantly surprising.

The restaurant's inviting ambiance, characterized by rustic charm and contemporary elegance, makes it a perfect setting for both casual gatherings and special occasions. With a thoughtfully curated wine and cocktail selection, Border Foundry Restaurant invites patrons to savor not just a meal, but a celebration of the unique culinary heritage that defines Laredo. Whether locals or visitors, all who enter the doors of Border Foundry are treated to a memorable dining experience that captures the essence of this vibrant border town.

Address: 7718 McPherson Rd, Laredo, TX 78045
Phone: (956) 724-5907

El Horno Pizzeria

Founded in 2019 and situated within the delightful confines of Golondrina Food Park, this culinary gem invites you to step beyond the ordinary and embark on a flavorful journey. As a departure from the tried-and-true classic pepperoni, consider indulging in the exquisite taste of the Jamon Serrano pizza. This delectable creation artfully combines the savory notes of gorgonzola cheese with the subtle sweetness of figs, complemented by the peppery freshness of arugula—all harmonized with a delicate drizzle of honey, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate.

For those with a penchant for healthy alternatives, the option to elevate your pizza experience is presented with the cauliflower crust, providing a lighter yet equally satisfying foundation for your culinary adventure. Golondrina Food Park, with its eclectic array of offerings, serves as the perfect backdrop for this gastronomic exploration, ensuring that every visit is a memorable celebration of diverse tastes and innovative combinations. So, whether you're a seasoned foodie or a casual diner, allow yourself to be transported by the unique and enticing offerings of this culinary haven.

Address: 10211 Golondrina Dr, Laredo, TX 78045
Phone: (956) 220-0525

Pizza Box

Pizza Box, a culinary haven for pizza enthusiasts, was born out of the collective passion of die-hard pizza fans who desired to share their love for the perfect slice with the community. As a locally owned establishment, Pizza Box takes immense pride in its commitment to delivering excellence by going the extra mile to source the finest quality ingredients, ensuring a premium pizza experience for all the Pizza Lovers out there.

Behind the scenes at Pizza Box are individuals with a cumulative experience of more than 20 years in the pizza restaurant industry. Pizza Box's story is one of dedication, expertise, and an unwavering love for crafting the ideal pizza. Every detail, from the dough to the toppings, is thoughtfully selected to provide an exceptional culinary journey for patrons. Whether you're a seasoned pizza connoisseur or someone embarking on the delightful discovery of the perfect pie, Pizza Box invites you to indulge in the culmination of years of passion and experience that goes into each and every delectable creation.

Address: 201 W Del Mar Blvd Suite 1D, Laredo, TX 78041
Phone: (956) 568-3132

Photo Credit: Tiny Box (Facebook)
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