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A foodie’s heaven – Tales from the Edge

Guilty pleasures. . . Yes, that’s what I said, I am talking about those things that are temptations and that it takes a mountain of will power to resist! Food is my indulgence. I love to eat home- cooked Mexican and fused Tex-Mex food! It doesn’t get any better than Laredo!

We have such a huge variety of places to get it, from small intimate roadside, walk-up joints like Lily’s Food Stand, to the barely-enough-room-to-sit place like El Meson de San Agustin, to roomier places like Tacos Kissi. For every taco place, there is a place that specializes in enchiladas, like Guely’s, and another that offers nothing but flautas, like La Mexicana or La Unica.

Then there is menudo from Raul’s BBQ, each offers their version of good, authentic cuisine, with a regional perspective. For Laredo flavor that hasn’t varied much for about 90 years, you must visit La India Tasting Room Café. It is a special place that gives you the full immersion treatment and sensory experience from the moment you walk up and ring the door bell.

Two personal favorite foods include tortillas, and the many ways to eat them; Then my mind goes to Mexican pastry, a.k.a, pan dulce! These come in all shapes and sizes, calorie and carb-count. My favorite, by-far, is the gingerbread, but of course, the Mexican kind. Pair this with a fabulous cup of coffee and I am in my happy place.

I invite you to come find your happy, foodie place in Laredo!

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