Cravings. Everyone has them, right?
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Cravings. Everyone has them, right?

February 14, 2017
By Selina Villarreal

Lately my sweet tooth has been acting up and what can I say, I’m weak. I give in easily to temptations. I was craving a funnel cake. I know I could probably make one at home but ain’t nobody got time for that. Facebook has been my go-to lately for recommendations of all kinds. A new restaurant, activity, retail shop, if I see it on Facebook there’s a good chance I’m going to stop by and check out the place.

I remembered seeing a friend check-in at Stevie’s Old Fashioned Treats. I looked them up, got the address and off I went with my trusty co-pilot to get my funnel cake.

The place is adorable, it’s a carnival! Color all over, antique signs, fixtures, a candy bar, all so cute! This establishment dedicates themselves to all sorts of carnival goodness. No need to wait around for a carnival to come to town so you can indulge, now you can indulge year round. Good-bye waistline and hello deep fried Oreo cookies. They’ve got original Clark bars, cotton candy, Bit-O-Honey, Zagnut bars, Astro Pops and so much more.
Once I stepped up to the cashier I knew I had to order more than just a funnel cake. My loyal co-pilot and I decided to order a corn dog, a foot long, chili cheese fries and of course a funnel cake. Let the record show we said no to turkey legs, all sorts of burgers, spiral potatoes, cotton candy, mini donuts and more goodies.

We stuffed our faces like competitive eaters and then the pièce de résistance came to our table. The one item that made me drive like a bat out of hell while obeying all traffic laws and got me thru the doors to Stevie’s Old Fashioned Treats – my funnel cake. I opted for no toppings. I wanted the basic funnel cake with powdered sugar. I inhaled the rest of my foot long corn dog and focused on the funnel cake. It was magical. It was so sugary. It was soooo good. Yes, I shared.

While indulging in all of these carnival treats it’s as if we were in a time warp. I hadn’t realized we stayed after closing hours. The staff should’ve hurried us off but they let us keep eating while we played Man vs Food. After this little adventure, food won. There was no way we could finish the entire funnel cake so we carried our little doggy bag while the closing cashier rolled us out.

I’ll be back Stevie’s! I’ve got my eye on those turkey legs and fried Oreo cookies. Next time I’ll be prepared and have my stretchy pants on.

Cravings will make you do the darndest. In this instance it made me consume about 4,000 calories and have the best sleep of my life.

If you’re in town and that sweet tooth is calling stop by Stevie’s Old Fashioned Treats. Find them on Facebook or check out their website: They’re located at 2402 Jacaman Road Ste 8 and you can give them a buzz at: 956-480-7068.
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