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Date: Sept 16, 2023
Time: 8:00 PM

About SAW
2004 / 103 minutes

Forget everything you know about “torture porn” and accept SAW for what it is: a taut horror-thriller that has more in common with Hitchcock than Slipknot. Lawrence (Cary Elwes) and Adam (co-writer Leigh Whannell) are two strangers who awaken in a dungeon-like room with no memory of how they arrived. Soon enough, they discover that they’re trapped in a game led by a serial killer named Jigsaw. The debut feature from James Wan (THE CONJURING), SAW is an intense exercise in design that toes the line between gross-out violence and delicious camp – much like a Playstation 2 survival horror game. If that’s not enough, this movie also stars the incomparable Danny Glover.

About SAW II
2005 / 93 minutes

Shortly after the events of SAW, the legendary Jigsaw is back and bigger than ever before, and this time he’s created his own house of horrors. In a race against the clock, a group of ex-convicts are forced through a series of deadly traps to retrieve an antidote for a nerve gas that will kill them in two hours. SAW II is the birth of torture porn we know today – nasty, twisted, and bloody. Featuring iconic traps such as the Needle Pit and the Razor Box, SAW II is a grisly piece of work that reset the tone of the legendary series we know today.

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