An American Werewolf in London Movie Screening and Book Signing
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An American Werewolf in London Movie Screening and Book Signing

Date: Apr 02, 2023
Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM


WHERE WOLF - a new creator-owned graphic novel from creative team Rob Saucedo, Debora Lancianese and Jack Morelli - is set in the wild world of furry conventions, small-town Texas journalism and werewolf whodunit.

Leading up to the wide release of the book, writer and Graveyard Shift programmer Rob Saucedo will tour movie theaters across the country - screening werewolf films and providing an opportunity to purchase the graphic novel early at concurrent signing events. In WHERE WOLF, something scary stalks the streets of Texas, leaving a trail of corpses in its wake. The only person standing in its way is Larry Chaney, a slacker reporter who can’t hold a job, can’t keep a girlfriend, and can’t stop getting in the way of his own career. Larry must go undercover at a local furry convention if he has any hope of stopping the beast dead set on turning the gathered attendees into an all-you-can-eat buffet. The graphic novel is a love letter to werewolf fans, with an irreverent bent that takes decades of lycanthropic lore to new heights and surprising places.

If you only see one horror movie in your lifetime, it should be AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. While hiking in England, David (David Naughton) and Jack (Griffin Dunne) are attacked by a werewolf. David makes it out alive. Sort of. With the help of Alex (Jenny Agutter), David tries to make sense of his beastly instincts . . . and his new best friend, who is also a rotting corpse. Written and directed by genre obsessive John Landis (THE BLUES BROTHERS, COMING TO AMERICA) and featuring unbelievable Academy-Award-winning effects from Rick Baker (STAR WARS, VIDEODROME), this is crowd-slaying, revisionist 1980s horror that does everything right. This includes using the doo-wop song “Blue Moon” to soundtrack a werewolf’s gore-soaked rampage.

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