Things Will Be Great When You’re Downtown…
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Things Will Be Great When You’re Downtown…

Downtown Laredo is on the verge of getting some fancy neighbors, the Outlet Shoppes located right on the banks of the Rio Grande. Don’t give me that eye roll, I know it has taken a bit of an eternity but I can finally see a light at the end of this tunnel.
But, before those fancy neighbors step in, let me take up some of your time and tell you what it is that I currently and have always loved about downtown Laredo – shopping! Especially bargain hunting. Shopping is built in to the female genetic code. There’s that one chromosome that gives females the super power to find bargains all over the place. After all, shopping is the new cardio. I call this a win-win situation.
The other day I overheard two of my co-workers (Carmen and Beatriz) mention they needed to go shopping for evening gowns. I nudged myself into their conversation and told them about a store located in our downtown district – New Yorker’s Apparel (1102 Iturbide Street).
We decided to make the shopping excursion during our lunch hour. If you’ve never been to New Yorker’s Apparel, the secret is that the evening gowns are downstairs in the basement. You won’t find a basement at the Alamo, but this place totally has one. We bypassed the top level which contained racks and racks of leisure wear and made our way to the basement.
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Once you get down to the last step you’re greeted with a view of evening gowns as far as the eye can see. We were short on time so Carmen and Beatriz were quick to start browsing racks and pulling dresses.
The girls browsed up and down each aisle. Very important decisions were to be made. Long sleeve, short sleeve, floor length, cocktail, you know, all very real first world problems. After making their final decisions, the girls headed to the dressing rooms. Here’s a snap shot of some of the choices that were taken in to the dressing room:
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Since I was the tour guide this time around I waited as they tried on each of their selections. It felt as if I was on one of those ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ episodes. The girls would come out, do a twirl, glance in the mirror and sashay back to the dressing rooms. They kept me on my toes and I kept on asking “is this the one?!” Finally, my two happy friends made their selections! Beatriz opted for a silver beaded halter gown and Carmen opted for a purple ruched draped gown.
The girls walked out with their purchases, I walked away with a blog post and hopefully you come away with knowing about a new location to shop at, or perhaps you already knew about New Yorker’s Apparel and this little post has sparked a memory.
This is just a taste of what I love about downtown Laredo. I invite you to take the time and rediscover our shopping district. There’s so much more to downtown, including restaurants, heritage tours, nightlife and more. If you’d like to know more or are planning on visiting Laredo soon, give my office a call at 800.361.3360. We’ll be more than happy to assist you with your trip planning or answer any questions you may have.
Until we meet again, I bid you adieu. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Also, I have to meet my deadline on this piece so I gotta wrap it up. I’ll be seeing you around Laredo!
*Side note* The entire time I was putting this piece together I kept hearing the song “Downtown” by Petula Clark in my head. For those who’ve never heard the song, look it up. It’ll add an extra hop in your step.
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